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Engaging People Pod

Jan 21, 2020

Jenny Afia is a privacy lawyer and a partner at the renowned law firm Schillings Partners. Her reputation is one of the most sought after privacy lawyers in the UK.

She is the Head of the Legal Team at Schillings and leads its entertainment practice. In addition to being ranked as a leader in her field in Chambers & Partners, the Spear's 500 and the Spear's Reputation Management index, Jenny was Spears' Reputation and Defamation Lawyer of the Year in 2015. Jenny is a member of the Children's Commissioner's Task Force on Growing Up in the Digital Age and on the Board of the Arts Depot, an award-winning arts centre in North London.

We discuss what she does and how she does it. We talk about online security for children and how big tech is complicit in making devices extremely addictive. 

You can find Jenny on twitter @jennyafia or on Linkedin.

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