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Engaging People Pod

Dec 10, 2019

In this episode, Sam talks with Artist James Burke about his path, all the businesses he's involved in and how he's connecting people with art. 

James is the founder of Acrylicize, co-founder of Studio Seven London, he's a professional drummer, host's a hip-hop and spoken word night, has his own graffiti brand as well as having 3 young children!

Sam & James speak about how his creativity was nurtured by his parents, how he and his business partner Paul Arad create a brilliant working culture at Acrylicize and their plans for the future. 

As always please feel free to get it touch. You can find James & Acrylicize on twitter & instagram.

@jamesburke_artist @acrylicize @sheshtown @studiosevenlondon -

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