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Engaging People Pod

Jul 9, 2019

Woody is one half of the duo Woody & Kleiny who have amassed an amazing 4.9m Instagram followers, 2m YouTube subscribers & 3m Facebook followers.

Throughout the journey to get where they are today, Woody & Kleiny have suffered numerous setbacks in their lives. However they have always shown resilience and a desire to achieve above everything else.They never thought about going solo, they had each others back and their friendship is first and foremost to this day.

Woody gives lots of great insights into the W&K strategy, how to utilise social media & how they get paid for the work they do. He talks in detail about the differing elements of YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. 

You can find Woody & Kleiny in the following places

Instagram @woodyandkleiny

YouTube - Woody & Kleiny

Facebook - Woody & Kleiny

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