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Engaging People Pod

Jul 2, 2019

Mark Cowan is the Co-CEO of Entourage Global. In this episode he tells the story of how the business started and how far it's come in the past 5 years.

Mark & his co-founder Paul came together from different backgrounds and were able to grind out deals almost from day one. They leveraged connections & their network but don't underestimate some of their marketing techniques that have helped them build.

Entourage have a member of staff at every event & booking they take whilst other agencies often didn't see the need. They made ex professional footballers feel special again and give them much needed marketing opportunities.     

Mark shares his vision for the future and gives an interesting view of what success means. 

You can find Entourage on their website 

Twitter @entourage_sport

Insta @entourage_sports

Mark can be emailed