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Jan 18, 2022

Lewis Hatchett is an ex Professional Cricketer turned start-up Founder. He has overcome numerous challenges throughout his life, starting with being born with Poland Syndrome which is a condition where you don't have one pectoral muscle & two of the ribs surrounding your lungs.

Hear how his father was told that Lewis would never play professional sport. 

Then having made it to the top level of the game, Lewis suffered a back injury that would ultimately force him to retire & re-evaluate his life. He has since founded Sport Yogi & is using his former experience to build a scalable Yogi app for athletes of all levels.   

Lewis recommends the following books

The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters

Legacy by James Kerr

The Pressure Principle by Dave Alred.

He also recommends the Rich Roll podcast & The Huberman Lab.

You can find Lewis on all the socials @lewishatchett and you can also find Sport Yogi @sportyogi.

His website is and the business site is

You can listen to him on his very own podcast - Raising Your Game on iTunes.  

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