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Engaging People Pod

Aug 6, 2019

Andy Hart is a serial entrepreneur and is currently running 5 businesses in the same sector. His story is one of lots of personal growth and development to get him where he is today. 

He shares a number of interesting business tips and explains how a failure early on can be a very good thing. 

Andy recommends 'The War...

Apr 30, 2019

Having pre-recorded the previous 3 episodes whilst travelling in the US, I wasn't able to find a guest, record & edit a new show in time for today.

Instead I decided a solo show where I speak in a little more detail about my own business, Engage & what we do. To help me and to add a little structure, I decided to ask my...

Mar 26, 2019

In this episode, Sam talks with entrepreneur Duncan Kreeger on his background, the company he built and sold and what he's up to now.

From almost the first minute of the conversation, you can hear how Duncan's drive to support himself has led to building of a number of companies. 

Duncan is very active on social media &...