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Engaging People Pod

May 27, 2020

On today'S pod I discuss the kind of clients we look after at Engage, why we love working with them so much and how working with a type of client brings around network effects and efficiencies to benefit all concerned.

I also discuss the thorny topic of expenditure and how controlling your burn rate is one of the...

May 21, 2020

Today we speak to Samara Grimsdell, a primary school teacher and Yoga teacher.

Samara speaks about how she had some anxiety issues after the birth of her second child. She turned to Yoga and was so transformed by it that she had to learn more & ultimately became an instructor. 

She gives her top tips about breath work,...

May 20, 2020

To I speak to Lizandra Leigertwood who owns New Frame Therapy which is a counselling & psycotherapy business in St Albans. 

Liz helps lots of people in different areas including relationships, anxiety & stress. Today she is sharing tips on self care. 

Liz describes the 5 key components of self care

1) Mental - Pay...

May 19, 2020

Danny Piler is another repeat guest on The Engaging People podcast. Today he gives 5 tips around how to take care of yourself.  

1) Communication. Listening & understanding yourself. 

2) Giving yourself some me time.

3) Take action.

4) Be curious and enjoy learning.

5) Give to others

Danny has kindly put some videos...

May 18, 2020

Oli Henry is our second bonus episode during Mental Health Awareness week. In what is a really interesting tip, he talks about how doing less can actually be more in the workout world. He gives an example using the 5x5 rules. 

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