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Engaging People Pod

Feb 19, 2020

At 7 years old, Sonny Pike was featured in his local paper for scoring 80 goals in a season. By 10 he was on London tonight and by 12 he was doing too much media work to go to school.

Sonny was literally the coco-cola kid but the media hyped him up so much that it went past his football and unfortunately it never caught...

Feb 11, 2020

Farooq Mohammed is the MD of Digital Gurus - a digital, data and tech recruitment firm. Farooq and two friends set up the business in 2008 and sold it in 2016. 

The business was built to sell and the trio achieved that goal in early 2016. They all stayed on to build to the next level and they now have offices in London,...

Feb 5, 2020

Loui Blake is an award-winning marketer & entrepreneur. He is the founder of the UK’s largest plant-based restaurant Erpingham House and brand partner for Eat By Chloe UK. Passionate about plant-based food & sustainable business, Loui is a recognised keynote speaker, having spoken at London school of...