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Engaging People Pod

Oct 29, 2019

Alex Sesto is a movement specialist. A physical trainer with a difference. After finishing uni in America he came back and began a career in Marketing. 

However after feeling that his life wasn't going in the right direction, he decided he needed to make a change. Hear his journey going from lessons with Ido Portal to...

Oct 16, 2019

Abel Samet is the Co-Founder of Troubadour Goods. He was working in London with a colleague Samuel Bail and they loved to do marathon's, triathlons and have adventures. The pair couldn't find a bag that they could use to both pack their stuff and take to work and so they set out trying to make one for...

Oct 8, 2019

Today's podcast is our first repeat guest and our first deep dive episode.

Some of the feedback I've had around the podcast is that we only skim the surface of people's businesses and some people want us to look behind the curtain. 

So, in what will be the first of many episodes where we look at what skills people are...

Oct 1, 2019

Whilst buying Nike ID trainers in 2009, business students & best friends Daniel Price & his co-founder Jonny Sitton had the idea to set up a business personalising baby clothes as there are 800,000 babies born each year & around 15 gifts per baby!

Hear the story of how they went from selling one order a day in a brook...