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Engaging People Pod

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode we speak to The Curators Co-Founder Ed Hauck on their journey from concept to being in Sainsbury's & Tesco's.

Ed talks in great detail about how he watched his parents go through the rollercoaster of business ownership which has given him the drive and determination to succeed.

We hear about how he and his Co-Founder Max met, strategized about what they thought would be a good opportunity and focused in on the growing premium healthy snack market in the UK.

They almost failed at launch before finding themselves in the food halls of Selfridges & Fortnum & Mason. 

The Curators can now be found on Amazon, in Sainsbury's and Tesco amongst other places.

You can find Ed on Linkedin @Ed Hauck. 

The Curators site - and on Insta - @wearethecurators -

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