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Jan 12, 2021

Today I speak to Nathan Kosky who is the Vice President of Global Partnerships at AEG - no not the appliance firm but the global firm Anschutz Entertainment Group that owns the likes of the O2, Staples Centre, the LA Galaxy and Coachella amongst other famous venues and iconic festivals. 

Nathan started in media sales before being recruited by AEG to help then develop the O2 Arena. He had a stint away to be the commercial director at Coventry City Football Club before returning to AEG to find a company that had substantially grown during his time away.

Nathan discusses how deals get done at such a huge level and offers insight into the scale of the thinking behind these partnerships. 

Finally, Nathan has recently launched a cricket podcast called Middle Please Umpire with Mark Wood & Miles Jupp and although it's only a few episodes in, it's had some really promising early numbers and I think he has a hit on his hands. 

Nathan recommends the following books

Fibber in the heat by Miles Jupp.

Seavens Heaven by Ben Ryan

An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth - by Chris Hadfield.

Nathan is challenging himself in 2021 to match his behaviours with his goals - he is reviewing every decision with his values in mind. 

You can find Nathan on LinkedIn @Nathan Kosky - you can find Middle Please Umpire on iTunes & Spotify and on Instagram @middlepleaseumpire 

AEGcan be found -

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