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Engaging People Pod

Sep 29, 2020

Phil Lewis is an award winning business strategist, mentor, speaker & author. He is the founder of corporate punk who are a management consultancy with a difference.

Here he explains the below.

The next five to ten years are looking bumpy. Like the financial crisis in 2008, coronavirus has unleashed economic consequences that will be measured in years not weeks or months.

To survive and thrive, many businesses need to fundamentally and urgently change how their people work together, to become more responsive, resilient and innovative. They need to ready themselves for a world where the only constant is change.

How do you know if your organisation is change ready?

There are six steps you need to take - in order.

Most organisations fail at change because they omit one or more of these steps, believing them to be less important than just "cracking on". Or they handle them badly, because their thinking is woolly or they haven't properly worked through sources of disagreement. 

We teach the world's leading organisations how to avoid hurdles like these, and they are often surprised by the progress that they can make when they do the basics well. (The basics are often the highest form of skill.)

Step 1: Set the vision for change

Step 2: Create a simple (but not simplistic) strategy for change

Step 3: Study feasibility

Step 4: Ensure that your culture is ready

Step 5: Get good at conflict

Step 6: Communicate, communicate, communicate

You can find Phil on twitter @phillewishq, on Linkedin and the website is

He mentioned the change course and you can find the details

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