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Engaging People Pod

Apr 21, 2020

The below is the headline from Phil Lewis's company 'Corporate Punk is a management consultancy
But it isn’t

Because we don’t slash for efficiency.
We build for innovation, resilience, growth.
Instilling agility, embedding better, happier ways of working.
Changing businesses inside out, human first.
So that when you’re asked “When did you last get a proper buzz out of work?”
The answer is “I do.”

This gives a great insight into Phil's business and this chat is a brilliant conversation about management consultancy and business in general.

Phil has worked with large corporate's such as The BBC, KPMG & Sony and has a 90% retention rate. Phil cites Ray Dalio's principals as a book to read and see's Nick Cave as someone who is authentically himself. 

You can him on twitter @phillewishq, on linkedin and the website is

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