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Engaging People Pod

Oct 16, 2019

Abel Samet is the Co-Founder of Troubadour Goods. He was working in London with a colleague Samuel Bail and they loved to do marathon's, triathlons and have adventures. The pair couldn't find a bag that they could use to both pack their stuff and take to work and so they set out trying to make one for themselves. 

You'll hear how that went in the podcast but suffice to say they've built a business that now sells online & in major department stores across the world and they've branched out in to other accessories as well.

This is a great story of how a passion to create something great can lead to a business & a life of fulfillment. 

The website is and you can find them on the following social places


Instagram - @troubadourgoods

Linkedin - AbelSamet

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