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Engaging People Pod

Oct 1, 2019

Whilst buying Nike ID trainers in 2009, business students & best friends Daniel Price & his co-founder Jonny Sitton had the idea to set up a business personalising baby clothes as there are 800,000 babies born each year & around 15 gifts per baby!

Hear the story of how they went from selling one order a day in a brook cupboard sized office to being in Selfridges, Harrods & having Royalty wear their clothes. 

This is a brilliant story where their perception became their reality & how the best PR can come purely from thinking outside the box. 

Daniel recommends 'Delivering Happiness' from Tony Hsieh, 'When I stop talking, you'll know i'm dead' by Jerry Weintrub as well as perennial favourite 'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight.

My recommendation this week is podcast - 'Grief is my superpower' by Mark Lemon.

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