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Engaging People Pod

Sep 10, 2019

Hannah Feldman had an extremely distinguished professional career prior to Co-Founding Kidadl. She worked for three of the biggest companies in three different sectors (advertising, law & banking) before working for ex Dragon James Kahn. It's fair to say she could have easily continued down the corporate route. 

However, she always knew she had the entrepreneurial spirit and it took an introduction via her cousin to her co-founder Sophie Orman to light the spark and Kidadl was born.

Here we tell the story of there initial meeting, sharing a vision, raising capital, building apps, marketing and building Kidadl to what it is today. 

You can find the site and the social handles for both Hannah & Kidadl are as follows.

Twitter - @hannahkidadl @kidadlofficial

Instagram - @hannahkidadl @kidadl

Hannah cites Dreaming & Doing by Nicki Raby as a podcast to listen to and as a book - 'never eat alone' which is about the power of networking. 

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