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Engaging People Pod

Jun 11, 2019

Josef Jackson is an amazing guy. He is an ex-professional footballer who is just about to start an internship at Morgan Stanley. 

Above that though, he has been through some extremely difficult times and has shown courage & determination that is a true testament of his character.

At 14 he lost his 12 years old sister to a brain hemorrhage and if that wasn't enough, Josef was told at age 21 that he had Leukemia. 

Josef tells his story and there is lot to learn about how difficult situations can fuel a desire to make the most of every second available to you.

If you'd like to get in touch with Josef you can find him on the below channels. 

Lin: Josef Jackson

Twit @josef_jackson3

Insta @joejackson93



Joe's book recommendation was by Martin Robert Hall and the book is called How Leaders Make it Happen.