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Engaging People Pod

May 21, 2019

Lionel Morgan was a truly unbelievable young footballer. He had the most ability i've ever seen on a football pitch and the speed, strength, & technique to back it up.

He made his championship debut for Wimbledon at age 17 and had Tottenham chasing his signature soon after.

On his England under 16 debut he was likened to a young Ryan Giggs & John Barnes. If you remember playing championship manager from 1998 onwards you'll possibly remember he was always one to buy.

Unfortunately a series of unlucky injuries and some mismanagement from the club saw him unable to fulfill the potential everyone knew was there.

I spoke to Lionel about his career, what happened,how he dealt with injuries, if he has any regrets and what he thinks about the legions of people who still tell him what a good player he was when he was young.

You can find Lionel on twitter @lionel_morgan