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Engaging People Pod

Dec 8, 2021

Josh Green is the founder of BetUp Media which is a marketing consultancy in the gaming/online gambling space. 

He is a long standing personal friend of mine and in this episode we discuss all things crypto & NFT's. We tried to make the conversation high level enough for people to understand what's going on in this world, what we are doing ourselves & some use cases for some of the digital assets people are buying. 

Please note nothing in this podcast is to be construed as Investment Advice. All opinions of mine & Josh's are our own opinions and not those of Engage Financial Services.

You can find Josh on Linkedin @JoshGreen on twitter @greeno99 or @fruityslots. 

Our Instagram handles are @samsloma @engagefinancial, you can find me on Linkedin @SamSloma, on twitter @samsloma1 @Engage_FS

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