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Engaging People Pod

Jul 6, 2021

The guys at The CoreMaster got in touch with us to ask if we might get top PT's Marvin Ambrosius & Honey Fine to tell their stories as to why The Core Master is a revolutionary new product to hit the UK gym scene.

You can find details of the business and the product at their website -

On all socials - @thecoremaster 

Honey can be found @honeyfinefitness and Marvin @marvinambrosius

Our Instagram handles are @samsloma & @engagefinancial

As always please do leave us a rating or review on iTunes. If you have anyone you think would be a good guest please don't hesitate to introduce them.

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Our twitter handles are @samsloma & @engage_FS

Our Instagram handles are @samsloma & @engagefinancial