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Engaging People Pod

May 12, 2021

Daniel Daggers is the self proclaimed Mr Super Prime. He founded Daniel Daggers Real Estate after working in the Super Prime sector for the previous 13 years.

His Instagram page @daniel_daggers has 34,000 followers & Daniel has been a pioneer in using the platform to showcase some amazing assets & insights about his market.

Daniels journey to running his own business has been anything but smooth. His resilience & inner confidence allowed him to push through those difficult periods.

He cites the motto 'Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good' as words to live by and recommends the following podcasts

All in - Chamath Palihapitiya

Gary Vee Experience

Daniel admires his parents and believe his mum having him is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for him :)

You can find him here on all the socials.

Insta & Twitter - @daniel_daggers

website -

Email -

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