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Engaging People Pod

May 20, 2020

To I speak to Lizandra Leigertwood who owns New Frame Therapy which is a counselling & psycotherapy business in St Albans. 

Liz helps lots of people in different areas including relationships, anxiety & stress. Today she is sharing tips on self care. 

Liz describes the 5 key components of self care

1) Mental - Pay attention to your own needs.

2) Physical - Keeping healthy/active and on top of your physical health

3) Emotional - check in with your own feelings. 

4) Spiritual - Meditation, Yoga or being in nature are examples of getting in touch with your own spirituality. 

5) Relational - both with yourself and with others - how connected are you in your relationships?

Liz's website is

If you sign up to the mailing list you you will be a free 30 ways to self care download and a weekly self care planner.

Instagram - @newframetherapy 

Linkedin - @Lizandra Leigertwood

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